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Career Opportunities

Experienced wealth management professionals today face an industry undergoing wrenching change. At Triumph Capital Management, we are searching for professionals with experience who value their client relationships, feel passionate about growing their practices, and are seeking to expand into the growing high net worth market.

What are you Looking for in a Professional Opportunity?

  • The opportunity to build equity in your practice and increase your bottom line revenue?
  • An entrepreneurial environment that allows you to keep your own clients under any circumstances?
  • The ability to grow your own practice utilizing a team of experienced portfolio analysts and case design and legal research experts available directly to you, leaving you more time to stay focused on your clients?

We Offer

  • A unique culture that allows you to build equity in your own practice and provides higher payouts.
  • A full suite of financial solutions custom-designed for affluent clients.
  • A cutting-edge advisor platform that offers expanded research and analysis capabilities, extensive tax and legal resources, advanced technology, and highly efficient operational and administrative services.

Advisor Profile


  • Successful in wealth management services with 3 to 10 years experience.
  • Licenses-Insurance, Series 7, 65, or 66 (or appropriate designation to be registered as an Investment Advisory Rep).
  • Minimum $25 million of assets under management (fee based).
  • Aggressive desire to grow practice by size and number of clients.


  • Four year college degree.
  • Limit-tester who loves achievement.
  • Personality for sophisticated, high net worth marketplace.
  • Clear goals and objectives.
  • High ethical standards. Strong values.

Maintain Your Independence

Advisors control their destiny. Entrepreneurial viewpoints are valued. This management style matches our business goals. Our clients are put-off by "product-driven, one-size-fits-all" approaches; they want customized strategies. So we have organized ourselves to be entirely client objective-driven rather than product-driven. Our advisors feel free to deliver strategies that address our client needs. As a result, there is no competition among advisors internally. Instead, there is an atmosphere of mutual support.

Registered Investment Advisor Firm

Triumph Capital Management is a Registered Investment Advisor firm. "RIA" is a regulatory designation that defines the advisory responsibilities in managing assets for clients. The Investment Advisors Act of 1940 has been updated to cover how advisors should:

  • Communicate their advice, analyses, reports, agreements, etc.
  • Conduct investment transactions for their clients.
  • Operate as a business for the financial security and confidentiality of their clients.

With our Investment Advisor Representative role, we have expanded our investment research and analysis capabilities, tax and legal resources, technology capacity, and administrative services. And with our increased fiduciary role comes new layers of compliance and due care for our clients’ protection. Investment planning and wealth transfer planning take on a broader perspective as comprehensive asset management.

One-Stop Shopping

Triumph Capital Management employs highly specialized professionals who intimately understand the issues affecting family and privately owned businesses. We offer all of the services our clients need: estate planning, wealth transfer and protection strategies, charitable planning, business succession advice, and investment management services.

Services Provided to Advisors

Client-Centered Case Design:

  • Investment Process
    • Design and Research
    • Quarterly Reporting and Portfolio Re-balancing
    • Business Processing
  • Estate Planning and Business Succession
    • Legal and Paralegal Support
    • Case Design Process, present ready   
    • Interaction with leading legal advisors  
  • Comprehensive Administration Support
  • Synergies through fictionalized approach can match needs to expenses
  • Maximize time for client and prospect interaction
  • Minimize time involved with office management and administration
  • Human Resources functions
  • Interview
    • Hire
    • Manage Support Staff
    • Terminations
  • Company Receptionist
  • Efficient management of common expenses/reimbursement   
    • Cash flow organization   
    • Cost savings
  • Payroll and Benefits administration for all personnel (no personal liability)
  • Office space
  • New Account processing and Underwriting negotiations
  • Continuing education and licensing tracking for all advisors


Marketing Support:

  • Client-Centered Planning Process
  • Affiliation and sharing of ideas; camaraderie with successful, experienced advisors
  • Outstanding reputation with legal advisors, community, and financial services industry  
    • Information system provided to all legal/technical advisors
  • Web Site
  • Recruiting (hiring and training) to grow our revenue, spread expenses, and strengthen our firm
  • State-of-the-art graphics/charts/spreadsheets for presentations
  • State-of-the-art RIA with high payouts
  • Client Advisory Bulletin (CAB) - quarterly
  • Illustrations/Product Training and Support
  • Contracts negotiated with leading product suppliers

An Excellent Reputation

Don’t just take our word for it. Ask any leading regional accounting or law firm. They will tell you that Triumph Capital Management is a recognized leader in wealth planning services.