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Why Aren’t Women Investing Their Money?

Why Aren’t Women Investing Their Money?

July 05, 2021

The gender pay gap is a hot – and frustrating – topic that has rightfully earned its place in the spotlight, but right beside it is a less talked about cause for concern: the investing gap.

Simply put, women tend to invest less than men. Earning less money and taking time away from careers to raise children or care for aging parents are some of the factors that explain why many women have smaller retirement balances than men.

Beyond that, a fear of investing incorrectly can hold women back from investing early and often. According to a survey by BlackRock, women keep a full 71 percent of their assets in cash. Savings generally make women feel safe, while they consider investing to be a potential source of stress. But while cash may feel like a risk-free option, it has no opportunity to earn a return and it will depreciate over time due to inflation. On the other hand, the stock market has returned an average of 9.5 percent for the past 90 years.

Financial success begins with education.

Women who understand investing are less likely to feel intimidated or fearful. The more informed women become, the more informed their financial decisions will be. Triumph Capital Management offers personalized financial advice, educational videos, and articles for anyone new to the world of investing.

We understand the unique challenges women face and are eager to create a space that feels accessible to all. Our team of experienced professionals will help you to attain the answers you need to make confident and well-informed decisions about your individual investments and your financial portfolio as a whole. At Triumph Capital, we believe in the importance of curating specialized plans to fit each of our clients’ distinctive lifestyle and goals. As a Fiduciary, and top Registered Investment Advisor in the Denver area, our primary focus is to help people plan for every aspect of their financial life. We aim to build long-term relationships centered around continual support. You can feel confident knowing our team is here to guide you throughout all of the ebbs and flows of your investment journey.


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