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Four Great Reasons to Start Investing Today

June 01, 2023

As much as Forty-two percent of Americans do not own any stocks or stock-related investments, according to a recent Gallup poll.1

While individuals may have various reasons for not investing, achieving long-term financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement, may not be possible without active market engagement. With everyday living costs and inflation reaching an all-time high, investing in your future might be more important than ever.

Why Invest?

Make Money on Your Money:

Even if you don’t have a large sum of money to invest, that doesn't mean you can't share in the same opportunities available to others. Investing is a great way to put your money to work and build wealth over a long period of time. Working with a fiduciary financial advisor can increase your chances of outpacing inflation while taking advantage of compounding interest. Compounding interest is simply the process in which an asset’s earnings, either from capital gains or interest, are reinvested into the market to generate additional earnings over time.  

Achieve Financial Independence:

When you build wealth, you have the opportunity to ultimately achieve the lifestyle you want. Your life can become one of possibilities rather than one of limitations. The longer you remain invested, the more time your money has to grow and generate stable returns. By consistently investing and increasing your wealth, you can reach a point where your investments have the potential to generate enough income to cover your expenses. This financial independence can allow you to have more control over your time and make choices based on personal fulfillment rather than financial obligations.

Leave a Legacy:

The wealth you pass to the next generation can have a profound impact on your heirs. Generational wealth can provide educational opportunities, financial security, and legacy preservation. The benefits of generational wealth can also encourage financial literacy and instill values around responsible wealth management through multiple generations to come.

Money Talks:

Wealth can be an important tool for impacting the world in a meaningful way. So, whether you are passionate about the environment, the arts, or human welfare, you can use your wealth to affect positive changes in your community and around the world by investing in companies that have similar values to your own. By investing in these companies, you can align your financial interests with sustainable development goals and contribute to long-term value creation for society as a whole.

A Framework for Investing

The decision to invest is an acknowledgment that it comes with certain risks.

To manage investment risk, consider maintaining a broad diversification of your investments to reflect your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, and the nature of your financial goals. Remember, diversification is an approach to help manage investment risk; it does not eliminate the risk of loss if security prices decline.

Because investing can be complicated, it’s important to consider working with a financial professional to help guide you on your investment journey.


Working with a Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Working with a fiduciary financial advisor when starting to invest can provide several advantages and help set a solid foundation for your investment journey.

At Triumph Capital Management, we’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of the market and ultimately make recommendations that are tailored to your specific financial needs and goals.  

Our team consists of the best fiduciary financial advisors- all of whom have an ongoing commitment to success and transparency. We help our clients develop effective risk management strategies and take pride in providing personalized financial plans.  

As a fiduciary, our team of top-rated investment advisors is legally obligated to act in your best interest, which means we always offer objective advice that is focused solely on your financial well-being.

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